Foresight + Reseach + Design + Launch

I am currently in the late design and launch phase of a new educational ecology in Dubai for 14 to 18 year olds. The project features themed and personalized pathways that aggregate credentials from formal and informal learning environments. This work builds significantly on my previous designs including the interdisciplinary studio and adaptive skills mapping of Nations Academy (Dubai — merged with Dubai American Academy 2017) and the field studies, mobile learning and constructionist praxis at GEMS World Academy Chicago.  My current work is getting me closer to realizing the potential of my previous designs, also. Specifically the Bridge Year‘s almost ubiquitous experiential learning experience, a mixture of personal learning plan driven student directed project based learning tied to meaningful standards and extensive field studies.  Its been 7 years now since I designed Networked Learning Ecology North America (NLENA) which represents a participatory and networked vision for the future of learning and Global Civ a four-year design-based research project and learning partnership between Shoshana Zuboff/ and Jake and Jim Maxmin (d.2017). These designs are about ready to be launched anew to an audience much more aware, today of what we saw years ago.

A bit more

The projects I undertake tend to be focused on foresight research and importantly the design of near futures in education. My interests include complex adaptive systems, issues of human-machine convergence and economies, environments and societies beyond computation, interdisciplinarity, networked learning, experiential education, student directed project-based learning, new credentialing and certification (ePortfolios, badges, blockchain and beyond) and distributed forms of education and leadership. Selected project sites include my Networked Research wiki ; Approaching New Educational Ecologies through Speculative Design. I am often asked to speak at conferences and a few selected talks and workshops are posted to speakerdeck.

Important things

I share my life with an incredible wife and two sons.   I live on the coast of Maine and work globally.  I am an avid hiker, backpacker, and boater who is very comfortable in remote wildlands and believes wholeheartedly that they should be kept wild.  My deepest inspiration is derived from my family and the individuals I work with who are dedicated to problem-solving for our collective human futures. I am moved by the work of Ivan Illich,  Seymour Papert, Kurt HahnStephen Downes, James BeaneReggio Emilia, John Holt, Ted Sizer and many more who hold children and society as self-determined. I hold a BA in History from University of Puget Sound, and an MA in Education from the University of Maine, where I studied under the democratic education theorists and practitioners Dr. Edward Brazee and Dr. Gert Nesin. My doctoral research with Dr. Brazee focuses broadly on how network learning, both online and face to face can cultivate a relevant future for education.

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