1 to 1 computing: a chisel for your bricks and mortar….

We are facing a time of amazing decision making potential in Maine. Adopt 1 to 1 laptop computing statewide and the transformation that is needed to make the initiatives work, or retreat in the face of another status quo grab and hold.

” its the death of education, but the dawn of learning and that makes me very happy” Steven Hepple

Data to support Dr. Hepple and 1 to 1 learning environments are within a JTLA article (Weston & Bain 2010).

Now is the time for powerful leadership from teachers, students, community members, and visionary administrators.  Maine has a gift in visionary programing like MLTI that can make learning communities that matter in the 21st century.


Bain, A, & Weston, M. (2010). The End of techno-critique: the naked truth about 1:1 laptop initiatives and educational change. The Journal of Technology, Learning and Assessment , 9(6),

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