Moodle, Mahara, WordPress, the Death of Education and the Dawn of Learning

An excellent set of course meetings today which featured the type of discussion which will be so fruitful for this term!  Thank you all.  Judging by my inbox, your wordpress blogs are being set up.  I will get to these blogs soon and you can expect a comment from me and your addition to the EDT 400 Netvibes Dashboard.  In addition to your course blogs all still seem to understand our course systems in Moodle and Mahara (COEHD Portfolios).

A few points:

The Twitter Frontier

For those ready to move on to Twitter please remember that you can either use your existing account or in the case that this account has been “very” social or even social, you should create a Twitter account that’s focused on learning and your professional career.  As listed in the course schedule my Twitter profile is @steelemaley and our course tag is #edt400.  We will go over a list of recommended people to follow in the coming weeks.  Look over my smallish “following group” and explore who I follow if you are wondering where to go with concern to “following” from your initial sign-up.  For those who are ready to move further I suggest getting a Tweetdeck account to start organizing your micro-social-web life.  More on this tool to come.

Death of Education and the Dawn of Learning?

Continue to consider the elemental discussion started in our meeting today after viewing “Learn to Change Change to Learn”.  What does Steven Hepple (2008) mean when he posited ” Its the Death of Education but its the Dawn of Learning and this makes me very happy.”?  Some amazing thoughts from you all regarding the relevancy of our “school system”.  I hope to here more of your thoughts on Hepple and your reflections of schools and society in the 21st century! I would also like information on the Maine school mentioned today that was using iPads and web conferencing! If I have left anything out please leave a comment to this post.

See you all next week and online.

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