Yong Zhao on Educational Risk and the Reason to Deschool

From: Yong Zhao » Blog Archive » A Nation At Risk: Edited by Yong Zhao. (n.d.). Yong Zhao. Retrieved March 11, 2011, from http://zhaolearning.com/2011/03/10/a-nation-at-risk-edited-by-yong-zhao/

Indicators of the Risk

The educational dimensions of the risk before us have been amply documented in materials read by this editor. For example:

Time to Deschool

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  1. Money is an issue, and it sadly it seems like it will always be the issue. If someone had told me that "America spends $1.1 billion dollars per year testing their children" I probably wouldn't have believed it, that is a crazy amount of money! And what does this testing truly do? Well for me, it made me hate tests, which lead to test anxiety. I didn't learn anything from taking these tests, instead my teachers only taught me what was on the tests. My mom is a Principal and she is struggling to get the district to allow her to start up a Pre-K at the school. The district says they do not have the funding right now for a Pre-K! I find that to be a sad excuse, no funding for a child's education? Instead we are spending "$1.1 billion dollars" on testing, not on Pre-K programs! Those are definitely some scary facts.

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