We need them….dedicated and passionate teachers and learners who see learning as a design that the learner moves, shapes and feeds forward as positive action in our world….educational communities need them, those with social imagination….experts, yes experts. The more I get to know Rob Greco the more he reminds me of Illich’s (1970) “people with special educational competence”.

Three types of special educational competence should, in fact, be distinguished: one to create and operate the kinds of educational exchanges or networks outlined here; another to guide students and parents in the use of these networks; and a third to act as primus inter pares in undertaking difficult intellectual exploratory journeys….To design and operate the networks I have been describing would not require many people, but it would require people with the most profound understanding of education and administration, in a perspective quite different from and even opposed to that of schools.


Greco lives his educational experiences with the learners in his communities….he sees the messiness in learning, breathes deep of the essence, and trusts in the human capacity for mutual aid….I witnessed the outcome of that journey in an  Elluminate  session on Tuesday.  The middle level learners Rob guides worked as a community to exhibit what was important to them about learning and life.  I was awestruck with joy and hope.



Leigh continues to amaze me.  After a brief blogging hiatus, he is right back with thought provoking work, feeding forward amazing resources and inspiring.  His recent thoughts on “ubiquity” contribute much to the deschooling and networked learning conversation. Feeding forward Ian Hart’s (2001) Deschooling and the Web was welcomed reading this week.


Howard Rheingold’s bookmark quest for P2P learning networks brought me right back to Dougald Hine’s School of Everything page.  I delved into his links on Free UThe Learning Exchange and the Young Foundation


If your not on the edge, you’re taking up to much space

I have read, watched and learned from Dennis for many years….I am more amazed than ever.

Big Picture Learning Profile
College Unbound

Much more….P2P Foundation Wiki Blog



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