“to make the waves that raise all boats.”

to make the waves that raise all boats.

-Pat Bassett

Chris Thinnes recent blogpost deals with a debate around public/independent school policy, politics and praxis. Though I have not waded into the debate directly, I respect many in independent schools having this conversation. What I was struck by in Chris’s blogpost is the simplicity and power that Pat Bassett, as quoted, uses to describe the purpose of independent schools. I will write it again….the purpose of independent school education is to “to make waves that raise all boats”. This is a beautiful metaphor and one I believe all of us in independent education should take into account. How does our research, design and action seek to make the waves that move (raise) all of our schools and educational projects? Though Chris uses the Bassett’s thoughts aimed at the public/independent school debate, the message is universal, simple and deliberative, exactly what we need in education.

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