“When they come back in the morning they have an expression in their eyes such as you see in fishermen who are in the habit of looking out to the horizon.” -Kurt Hahn 1936

A wonderful post by Josie Holford on “grit” contains links to arguments by Ira Socol about the leisure gap between classes in the US.  Both Ira and Josie’s thoughts brought me back to an early paper that Kurt Hahn wrote in the intersession of wars.  His emphasis is on the power of learning environments to overcome social stratification and even physiological patterns through living, learning and working together. These are a positive roadmap for dealing with the very complicated issues of ago and possibly today.  Perhaps we need a few more boarding schools to expand on Hahn’s vision for Schule Schloss Salem say at 50% scholarship–1 Here a glimpse of those schools c. 1936 and the dedicated man who sought to unify the world through them: Hahn (1936) Education and Peace: The Foundations of Modern Society


1 I realize that the current of Hahnisian schools is to follow IB et al. and though I tend to find UWC and Salem very appealing, they still provide less time today for experiential education and more time attending the rigors of standardized curricula. Without judgement, my thoughts are with Hahn’s original conception and the possibilities for the future.

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