The world fell silent for me as I heard the news from family that Jim Maxmin died. For those who know me well, you know that Jim Maxmin and Shoshana Zuboff are cherished mentors and friends.

Over the last six years I have learned so much from the brilliance of Jim. I can still remember our first meeting — to discuss an audacious design that would become Global Civ. Unlike so many others, Jim embraced the idea of a distributed networked learning ecology without reservation — he said, with his fiercely intelligent smile –“This is ten years ahead of its time for popular understanding, but perfect for our work.” That work, a hybrid learning collective, which was co-led by Jim’s son, Jake and under the research guidance of Jim’s wife Shoshana would become a three year project that influences everything I do professionally.

Jim, I am in shock at your death. I am holding you, Jake, Chloe, Shoshana, Pache and all you have shaped in the light.  I want to reach out and have another conversation around the kitchen island….I want to see you outside– you were always working, always reading, always helping, always smiling….. always holding me to the highest standard, always being a role model of what a husband and father and intellectual can be, always, always, always.

The world fell silent this week. We have lost a visionary, a caring and loving father and husband, mentor and friend.

In love and with reverence.


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