This weeks reading tackles some of the issues that might emerge for you in EDT400. Our blended learning environment may be exponentially more beneficial to you as a learner if many or all in the course participate in the networked online spaces available to us as a “community”. The quote below stands out to me as vital in our ongoing conversation:

“The challenge for educators is to learn how to create a system in which people can enter into relations that are determined by problems or shared ambitions, and that are not overburdened by rules or structure” (Heckscher & Donnellson, 1994, p. 24).

I hope we might scrutinize Heckscher & Donnellson ideas here. What are some of the problems inherent for learning in the 21st century? When you think of yourself as a teacher or practitioner what are your ambitions in the field you are choosing? How do you build your own learning community and support others doing the same? How do you deal with the freedom to learn what interests you in a field?

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