Notes on CCK11: Confusion, Control and Complexity

Confusion is a Good Thing, Breaking the Control inherent in LMS and the Complexity of Design

Notes from the recorded introductory Elluminate session of CCK11

George Siemens (GS)
Stephen Downes (SD)

….on CCK11 format

“A set of networks to play with learning spaces!”

“Confusion is a Good thing”

“Skim and Dive”

….on Course Design

“The network has a lot of moving parts….This Complexity is by design” SD

“We are creating diversity in discussion….multiple points of view” SD

….on CCK11


“Individual and Collaborative Artifact Construction”, “sub-networks” and curation (vs conduit). SD

“Constructivism cannot describe learning biologically” GS

“Connectivism blends with sociology” GS

“Selecting and Filtering information into a curation is not necessarily the goal rather to Aggregate, remix, repurpose and feed forward information….each person is creating there own representation of course content” SD

“Cooperative Learning is many densely connected individuals” SD

“Knowledge is having a thought you cannot un-think.” SD

“An expert can shift rapidly between patterns in a discipline to provide insights” [George Siemens was eloquent here and I have only skimmed his discussion, need to check of the Cambridge Handbook on experts:)] GS

“You control your interaction in this course” SD


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  1. If confusion is a good thing, then I am in a great place. I believe constructivist teaching is not always effective, however, it is difficult to unlearn this process if this is all you have known. Learning is skimming and diving, but a definite plunge out of my comfort zone. I would like to see a learning community form in this class so we can use one another as resources for more information. So far so good!

  2. Community is vital here….

    I look forward to some break out #CCK11 groups forming to address some of all of our interests and directions.

    Theory: I am interested in listening and understanding where people are with critical ideas and praxis.

    Design: A group for Connectivist learning design with a focus on technology and curriculum (A group of international educators deliberating on this point in a connectivist format will seem liberatory). would be illuminating!

    I agree, so far so good!

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