CCK11: A Reflection on Week One

I have been following George Siemens and Stephen Downes for two years now. After an attempted CCK10, my participation in CCK11 is fulfilling a need in my life and learning. At times I look at the projects I am undertaking and the interests I have and want to chide myself using some institutional diatribe about “having to much on my plate”, “Depth vs Breadth”, “Ph.D. vs action and service in the field (to teach, experience and design)”. What CCK11 is re-enforcing for me is that my paths are natural, can be connected, and that those connections can and will grow, focus, change, and enhance my experiences and those of others. I am grateful and inspired. So how have I done in my estimation so far?

Dave Cormier (2010) lists the following index of success:

Orient: Done to date: Readings: good (most this week had been read), Know where things are and have bookmarked/essentials!

Declare: Blog, posts, tags, twitter…..yes

Network: Following via Twitter #CCK11, Have read and commented on Blogs and Replied to those who have commented….Need to do more at this point. Who? Much may depend on clusters, how will we find clusters!

Cluster: Eagerly awaiting….See Network

Focus: Is the end in mind? Yes, I do know what I want out of this set of experiences, looking forward to seeing where this goes….

As put in my last post Stephen Downes encourages us to: Aggregate, remix, re-purpose and feed forward information….I will be working on this design daily.

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