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Upon reflection and after spending time with the participants of EDT 400 today, I am thrilled at the potential of Michael Wesch’s new project! What are the legacies of American History, and how do these interface with you on a daily basis? What change is occurring in the spaces of your learning that you feel are effective? As pre-service teachers and professionals I can’t think of a better way to capture the common and uncommon educational experiences you are a part of. Remember to let me know what you need! (Disclosure: this is not a course requirement)

How are you going to teach? What support might you need?

Education, History and Learning

This week we take a good look into the history of education, technology, and the realities of today. Remember that we’re trying to use our blended course spaces to expand on the materials we are reading, viewing and connecting to in EDT 400 and beyond.

Our conversation on Thursday will build on the sources you have for the week including the Darling-Hammond piece, Curriculum 21 and the Asimov Interview. We will use issue ID’s to generate deliberation on these topics, so be careful in your construction of this piece of writing. A reminder about issue ID’s from the course site:

The second component of the Reading response is the identification of some issue that can be suitable for discussion. This can be one or two sentences long, and it can be as simple as identifying a quote from one of the readings that you find illuminating and interesting or questionable and briefly stating what important issue you see in the quote. You might also raise a point of comparison between readings, video or other media. The issue may be related to your topic discussion, though it need not be.

On Twitter

Remember to use #edt400 for relevant Twitter activity, and look for excellent ideas that expand the topics of this course in new ways. On Twitter, @falsweeney excellent idea of viewing Waiting for Superman is an excellent idea! This film brings up many issues in the American Education both historically and today. As mentioned already the film has also has caused a bit of a buzz in the US, always a good sign for our topics!

Looking forward to seeing you all this week.

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