What would they say to you if they could?

Would you listen?

A Note to an amazing group of teachers and learners….

I have been encouraged by our meetings in EDT400 this spring semester. But today you showed the desire to innovate in clear terms. You saw that learning-not teaching is what education is all about. The barriers to seeing and acting to move learning from irrelevance into a networked, purposeful, fun, and useful….environment for the young and old are real. Your candor and imaging today gave me cause to be hopeful. Your passions will guide you well as teachers and learners. I also saw many ah ha moments today! If machines can replace teachers, they will. Who will be replaced…..

Much for us to discuss…..networks in learning, opening the school, mLearning revolutions, design based learning…..

Thank you all.


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  1. Wow, that video is very powerful! Hearing the words from a child makes all that more of an impact! When he said the line, "Are you going to be just another text book?", I really perked up. For, I know so many teachers who just read straight from the text book! All through middle school, we would read along and gain no knowledge from the actual teacher…just text from the book, I could have read on my own! A teacher is an important figure who has a significant role in the student's learning. They do not participate any through reading off the exact words of a text book. These are the teachers that will ultimately be replaced by technology. For if the teachers face the world of technology and embrace the advantages of the tools in the classroom, they will allow creativity of knowledge of the students, incorporate fun into the curriculum, and permit a much more efficient way of learning. These ARE the teachers of the future.

  2. "Maybe the internet is just a fad", "That's your job", "Are you going to be my teacher"! I love this video, and this kid! Definitely one that should be played for all current teachers and future teachers. The thought that the internet is just a "fad" is ridiculous, but I am sure some teachers might think that. We as educators, and life long learners, cannot ignore technology, or be afraid of it! We are supposed to guide students into the world, and our world is surrounded with technology. Technology definitely isn't going anywhere. I hope a video like this can make teachers rethink what their purpose is in a students life. Technology is not a fad, but hopefully teachers that ignore technology are just a fad! They will be replaced!

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