The past our memorials and mLearning

The gift of mLearning is in unlocking the barriers to experience placed upon the learner in our “schools”….how interpretation through experience changes the learning process is ever-present in an mLearning event. There are the shades of a decolonization of learning evident….how students reflect, the mentors pace, the chance to dwell in a place is not remotely akin to the “school” experience of disjointed timed obsolescence in learning. mLearning is also more than a “field trip” to a museum. Phones, flips, video, collaboration, purpose, reflection, network, connection…..this organic experience is meaningful and lasting.

Being in this Museum with learners who are engaged outside the borders of the school makes me preflect on a day when we will be mentoring mLearning trips to museums of learning where our past will seem painful because of the time it took to change education from a schooling process to a learning network.

I look forward to reading that memorial.

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